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Type the keywords you want to find. For example:
  • church history
  • "manifest destiny"
  • gender and politic*
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Search Tips

Multiple Words

Terms are automatically connected with AND

world health organization= world AND health AND organization

Exact Phrase

Enclose an exact phrase in “quotation marks”

great depression
code of ethics


To expand terms:
Add * to root of term-up to 5 letters.
Add ** to root of term-unlimited number of letters.
Add ? anywhere within a term.
radio*=radio, radios, radiometer
radio**=radio, radios, radiometric, radioactivity
wom?n=woman, women

Boolean Operators

Use AND or OR to specify multiple words in any field, in any order.

Use AND NOT to exclude words from your search.

dogs AND training
dogs OR pets

opera AND NOT soap


Use parenthesis ( ) around OR terms if also using AND

(dogs OR pets) AND training

Proximity Operators

Use NEAR to specify words close (within 10 words) to each other, in any order.

California NEAR university

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